Caring for your Flowers

How to look after your flowers

Please have a read of this page to enable you to get the most life out of your beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Fill a clean vase with fresh water

Cut stems at a 45 degree angle using sharp scissors or secateurs, this increases the surface area of the stem allowing the flower to drink as much water as possible.

Remove any leaves from the stems which may be under the water line. Having leaves in the water encourages bacteria to grow.

To get the most out of your flowers the best thing is to change the water every day and re-cut the stems. If you find the vase water has got warm you should change it with fresh cool water.

Think about where you place the vase of flowers, making sure it is not in full sun or by a working radiator. The warmer your flowers are the less time they will last.

You can treat the water using flower food or a couple of drops of bleach – this helps keep the water clean




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